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RCCA in 2020: What Recovery Connection will look like December 31, 2023

The following is my Big Picture Vision for 2023. It is my story of what Recovery Connection will look, feel and represent two years from now. 

As I share this with you, I am announcing my intention in order to manifest this Vision into reality.

Join me on this incredible journey so that you can experience what our Team is committed to, making a POSITIVE impact in people’s every day lives – for our clients, community and our society. To your health and success! – Michael

Why We Do What We Do

At Recovery Connection we provide treatment to those suffering from Opioid Dependence with Medication and Counseling. The most important thing we want all of our clients to understand that many of us “have been there” and that is why we will ALWAYS treat them with Compassion and Respect.

We understand how hard it is to raise your hand and ask for help.

There is so much STIGMA attached to the words “drug addiction” in the world today. Many speak about trying to help but the truth is ACTIONS MATTER. At Recovery Connection you will notice that we will treat you like FAMILY. We CARE! We know how hard the journey is but always remember that we will always be there for you. If you fall down, then we will help pick you up. If you are having a difficult moment, we will make ourselves available to talk with you. If you THINK there is no where to turn or go, ALWAYS remember that Recovery Connection is there for YOU!

Our Business Model

Recovery Connection offers Medication Assisted Treatment utilizing medications such as Suboxone®/Subutex®/Sublocade®®/Vivitrol® and counseling services in helping our clients overcome their addictions. We accept ALL insurances regardless of if we even have a contract for them. We accept EVERYONE who raises their hand for help. We set-up our offices in smaller spaces with a more “home” like feeling to allow our staff and clients to feel comfortable.

Recovery Connection in 2023:
We will have expanded to the entire New England and Mid-Atlantic Regions, at least.

Our Team

Our team is composed of many PASSIONATE people who have and continue to fight each day with their own bales. Our team is composed of Medical Doctors, Nurse Practioners, Psychiatrist, Licensed Social Workers, Counselors, Laboratory Technicians, Administrative Staff and Office Managers. We ALL share a passion to help YOU in this journey.

Our Media

Our website is www.drughelp.com where you have access to all our publications, podcasts and videos describing the journey to sobriety. We continually try to keep posting additional information to educate our clients, our cooperating agencies and the general public about the success rate of using Suboxone® Treatment for Substance Use Disorder.

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My Focus

As the CEO, I have shifted my focus from working in the business running the Providence Office each day to now working on Team Creation and Office Expansion. 

While it would be easy to rest and take a breath and bicycle even more each day, there is TOO much work to still be done. 2020 saw overdose rates climb by 32% and it is our mission to expand our services to as many places to reach the most amount of people in need of help and support.